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Reedy Elementary Staff

over 4 years ago

Mrs. Maggie Holley: Principal/Title I Teacher

Mrs. Rhonda Haines: School Secretary

Additional Staff:

Mrs. Barbara Phares: Pre-School Teacher

Ms. Pepper Ash: Pre-School Aide

Ms. Lianne Whitehouse: Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Jason Rhodes: Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Corena Dolan: First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lynda Haywood-Dill: Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sonnie Hall: Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Tammy Roberts: Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Emily Alvis: Fifth/Sixth Grade Split Teacher

Mr. Scott Greathouse: Music Teacher

Ms. Debbie Ryan: Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Jada Williams: Speech Pathologist

Ms. Corrie Nicholson: Counselor

Ms. Katie Kelly: Custodian

Ms. Brenda Marshall: Cook

Reedy Elementary Literacy Fair Winners

over 4 years ago


        Reedy students took part in the annual Literacy Fair Monday, December 14, 2015. Students prepare for this event by reading a book and creating a presentation board. The student shares information about the book to judges through their verbal and visual presentations. Grade level school winners continue to the Roane County Winter Literacy Fair to be held January 6th at Roane County High School.           
      Congratulations to all participants!

PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization
LSIC (Local School Improvement Council)

These meetings take place in the same evening with LSIC starting at 5:30 and PTO beginning at 6:00.
About Our School
Reedy Elementary is located twelve miles north of Spencer on Route 14 and serves the community of Reedy and surrounding areas. The school was founded in 1862 and established as Reedy Normal School, later becoming Reedy Roberts Stewart School (grades 1-8). Our current school facility presently known as Reedy Elementary was built in 1980 and currently serves 97 students in grades pre- kindergarten to sixth. The school’s strengths include a family-like, caring atmosphere, strong parent support and involvement, highly qualified professional staff, and small student class size.
School Library
Donations Accepted

Our school's library continues to need updated books for student reading enjoyment. If you have an appropriate book or books for ages three to twelve and wish to donate, please drop them off at the school office. We would greatly appreciate it!
Outdoor Recess School Policy
Outdoor recess will be decided on a daily basis. If the temperature is 32◦ or higher students will go outside for recess. The wind chill and precipitation is also taken into consideration when making the decision to go outdoors.
Children are expected to come prepared to go outside (e.g. coat, gloves, appropriate shoes). If a child is not dressed for outdoor recess then he or she will remain inside.

Children benefit from exercise and will be provided the opportunity to play outdoors whenever the weather allows. If indoor recess occurs this involves many areas of our school. Students are supervised in the gym, computer lab, and in various classrooms. Students receive the same amount of allotted recess time as if they were having recess outside.

Thank you,
Mrs. Holley, Principal